Hello I'm Danny Cole author of, The Formula For Happiness and Success in Life, Laptop Lifestyle, The Formula For Success in Sales, and How To Repair Your Credit Like The Pros, I'm founder of I Am Empowered Man, and Men's Life Coach. 


My drive to continue growing and improving is fueled by my desire to empower other men to live a better life.  I know what it feels like to want to accomplish something so badly and not have the support to do it.  With drive, consistency, hard work and a little help I believe we all can accomplish whatever we desire. This is why I do what I do and why I started I Am Empowered Man! 

I was the first born of 6 kids to a poor family.  We had a lot of love, but not a lot of money. 


I remember changing elementary schools 3 times because we had to move from living with my dad's parents, to living with my mom's parents, then to my aunt and uncle's house before we got a house of our own. 

My dad was a great man, but he unfortunately turned to drugs when I was in middle school.  There were some Christmases' we didn't have, because instead of my dad buying presents he used all the money on drugs.  He was only 44 when he passed away.  

I started using drugs and drinking everyday in my 20's.  With my friends at the time using drugs, and me struggling with the lose of my baby at birth, she was stillborn, things escalated quickly with the types of drugs I was using and the amounts.  You name it and I probably done it. 


I had a few friends that died of overdoses. And after having a nurse tell me while I was in the ER, that I was lucky to be alive and if I didn't change what I was doing I was going to die, I knew something had to change.

So, I started the journey of mastering my mindset.  It is something I have always worked on growing up, but now, I had made it my mission.  I read books like, "How To Win Friends and Influence People," "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," "The Power Of Positive Thinking," "The Power Of I AM," books on sales, books by Anthony Robbins and Grant Cardone, and anything I could get my hands on.  I knew if I could master my mindset, then I could achieve success in anything.

I have been in sales for the past 20 years.  I've done it all.  Sold real-estate, cars, life insurance, high-end furniture.  I've started businesses that have failed and businesses that have prospered. 

I had a gold business, you know, one of the "WE BUY GOLD" places, and business started out great.  But, in 8 months we had to shut the doors.  The gold prices went from an all time high to the bottom falling out.

Because of that business failing, and me trying several other businesses before that one, that never took root, I kept hearing, "When are you going to get a real job?"  "Why do you always try doing things on your own?"  "You really need to think about the future."  

And I was thinking about my future.  I did not want to work for someone else and make them successful.  If I was going to work for someone and make them successful, it was going to be me. 

I now have a successful men's empowerment coaching business, auto broker business, real estate, and author.  I absolutely love my life. 

Men All Want The Same Thing:

- We want to feel confident and happy.

- We want to enjoy our relationships.

- We want to feel valued and spend our days making money in a way that fulfills us.

- We want to not be so angry, jealous, and resentful.

- We want to know that we're good enough as men, fathers, husbands, and leaders. 

- And we want to feel the confidence necessary to live without doubt and fear.   

This Is What I Believe:

1. Life is short. We must live in the now and live each day with intent and purpose.

2. With the right attitude and mindset you can achieve anything.  

3. Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for growth.

4. Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is where true power is found.

5. A man is motivated by the desire to achieve and live life purposefully.

6. By being your authentic self 100% of the time and holding nothing back, you become empowered with unlimited power.


7. Everyone has greatness within them, some just need a little help getting it out.

8. No one is immune to life's difficulties but, you are Stronger Than Failure.

You Are Stronger Than Failure



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